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27th September 2020

On the 24th of September we received a Cease and Desist letter from Shoutcast accusing us of artificially enhancing our audience figures for profit. They gave use 48hrs to cease and threatened to withdraw the use of their monetization program from Moon Phase Radio. We found this a little strange as we have never participated in their Monetization Program and would therefore have no reason or possible gain from using underhand methods to enhance our audience figures. In fact, we have never received a penny from Shoutcast and do not want to subject our listeners to adverts each time they open a stream.

We made an official response to Shoutcast on the same day informing them of our non-participation in their monetization program and asking them to substantiate their claims. As of today, 27th September, we have yet to receive a reply.

12th September 2020

It's been a long time since the last entry, behind the scenes we've been busy with the new EU server. Thankfully it's now up and running smoothly so all we need now is for everyone to change their bookmarks etc. We understand it's a pain having to update everything but unfortunately we had no choice, the old server had come to the end of its operational lifespan, so we had to move. Our service provider were great and done a massive data transfer for us saving about four days work.

Anyway, we have plans for a split service trial run in the near future but that's another story.

12th June 2020

Re-Broadcasting MPR

In the past we have been informed of MPR being re-broadcast on FM frequencies within the EU. We hereby give full consent for any MPR stream to be re-broadcast on FM, MW, SW or DAB channels whether it be full time or in part, as an overnight service for example. All local laws and restrictions must be complied too, and we take no responsibility for any violations of such. We have enough server capacity to virtually guarantee a connection and no further consent is required.

For the purpose of listing the information on our website please inform us via our contact form of times, frequencies and the area of any such re-broadcast.

11th June 2020

Welcome to our new blog. With so many social media platforms removing posts or closing accounts for some strange/obscure infringement of policy we thought we would provide a means of posting where we cannot be censored. It's not as though we are controversial in our conduct but today people take offence at the strangest of things and seem hyper sensitive, for these are unusual times in which we currently live. In actual fact we prefer MPR to be a place of escapism, somewhere which remains neutral and accepting.

In over 10 years of broadcasting we have only had one complaint which concerned a sound bite within a track. The track had somehow slipped through our screening process and the complaint was justified and acted upon with the removal of the offending piece of music.

So with this blog we hope to offer some behind the scenes insight in the operations of Moon Phase Radio.