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24th December 2022

The end of the year is fast approaching, so it's time for an update. Music submissions have gone through the roof, unfortunately that has led to me falling behind on listening and posting new music, so I must learn to go through my inbox more often.

We had an unexpected server change which took time away from other duties. Our server provider is fantastic and prefer to retire a server rather than it becoming glitchy through old age. It's a big inconvenience for both us and the listener, but does result in over 99% uptime.

I plan on spending much more time making the station more dynamic in 2023. I have a support team who help me with tech issues and hardware, but the day to day running is down to me and me alone. This year much of my time has been taken up with ongoing legal proceedings against the Government, nothing to do with MPR, but time-consuming nonetheless.

To finish off, I must give big thanks to the artists who make their music available for broadcast and our supporters whose donations help keep us on the air. I think financially, things are tough for most of us, so that makes your support more humbling. Without you, we wouldn't be here! Thank you, thank you so much. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


22nd September 2022

Seven months since I last updated the blog and in the UK alot has changed. We have a new Prime Minister and a new King, how it will all pan out, nobody knows.

The Summer was very hot and dry, I'm certainly feeling the cold at the moment, which probably contributed to a return of an old Back Injury which has had me incapacitated and unable to get much work done on MPR.

Thankfully, my Doctors are still responsive and have me back on the road to recovery, again!

Despite having had plenty of time to ponder the issue, I'm still not sure how to move forward, Radio wise. I suppose with the worldwide financial situation as it is, it makes people less incline to increase expenditure or take risks. Anyone with suggestions, please use the contact form and get in touch.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and each other.


17th March 2022

Things in the UK are starting to return to normal, but the financial consequence of government policy has left many struggling. Thankfully, we are still here with our head above the water.

New music is being produced at a greater level, which is fantastic and heart-warming. Summer is just around the corner, so let's hope for better things for everyone around the world, wherever they may be.

Good is the default state of Human Kind, so let that be the entirety of the Great Reset.

Best Wishes


14th December 2021

As we draw close to the end of the year, I wonder as to how did Human Kind get into this situation. We have such a rare and amazing planet to call home, it's beyond my comprehension how greed and evil can exist.

Anyway, back to the radio. We are again experimenting with YouTube. This time we are doing some short 'Live' sessions about once a week, which is fun and reminiscent of my early days in radio 30 years ago. There's a link to our YT channel on the homepage, so please subscribe to help things along.

We have decided to keep the Christmas playlist for the Ambient channel only, the chill channel remains as per normal. We have also started a Telegram channel with the aim of building a small community, so it would be good to see you there also.

That's all for the moment, have a nice Christmas, and we'll see you in the New Year.

Take Care

19th September 2021

In the UK the Government are actively trying to destroy people's careers and withhold healthcare from those who want to maintain their right to bodily autonomy. If a society hands over their medical decisions to the Government then we have lost our freedom, if you can't make informed choices for your own wellbeing then we have nothing left. This kind of dystopian behaviour never ends well for the tyrants, a glance back at history proves this time and time again. Unfortunately, the process of retribution always has casualties, trying to avoid becoming a casualty is the hard part!

Currently, we are featuring a track by Landry Riba called Pulling the Wires. It contains part of a speech made by Charlie Chaplin in the film 'The Great Dictator' from 1940, so relevant in today's World. You can listen below.

Apologies for the rant, I decided months ago to avoid bringing politics here. But I felt I owed at least some kind of explanation should we just disappear.

Stay safe, keep strong!

25th August 2021

It feels like an eternity since our last post, but in reality it's just over a month. So much has been happening that time almost begins to slow down. Currently, we are fighting a legal battle for our freedom of choice, which is taking so much of my time that MPR has taken a back seat recently. If not won then MPR's continuation will become a struggle due to lack of funding, time will tell, we don't give in easily.

Music wise, the scene has been fairly quiet, although we have been concentrating on expanding our playlist on the Downtempo channel. We get many submissions for airplay, but unfortunately most of the music falls a long way outside our genre.

I hope everyone is keeping well, thanks for listening.

18th July 2021

Streaming on YouTube seemed like a good way of generating another much-needed income stream, but unfortunately it's not to be. Continuous copyright issues make it impossible, tracks are being identified and flagged as a copyright violation which don't even exist in our playlist. This of course makes monetization impossible, so for now it's back to the drawing board.

Best Wishes

28th May 2021

Yet again it's been a long time since our last update. We seem to be entering into disturbing times when the mainstream media have a 'paid for' narrative, anything other is suppressed. As a qualified, but not practising, Clinical Hypnotherapist I can see how every basic psychological technique is being used to control the public. For instance, the optimal number of repetitions for verbal or visual instructions to take hold within the subconscious mind is 3. Watch how many things are repeated 3 times or how general instructions are broken down into 3 catchy words or phrases. Some of these things are for the good, but others are to fulfil an entirely different agenda.

Anyway, Moon Phase Radio is about escape and relaxation, if ever there was a time when alternative media outlets were needed it's now. I feel a real sense of purpose, not to agree or contradict, but to escape the narrative, to provide a safe haven soundscape.

Wishing you all the best.

18th January 2021

The year hasn't got off to a good start, my family and I have all been unwell with Covid-19. It wasn't contracted by partying or socializing but by my wife's work in the care industry. Devastatingly she has seen much suffering and death, for those who doubt the pandemic, please believe me when I say this is real!

MPR has naturally taken a back seat the past few weeks but hopefully we can get back on track with some new music very soon.

Stay safe, hopefully the light is at the end of the tunnel.

18th November 2020

Hope everyone is keeping well. We have decided to give our EU Server a musical bias toward the downtempo & Lounge direction. We hope that enables more choice according to the general mood of music you favour.

Let us know your thoughts via the contact page.

24th September 2020

A quick update regarding Shoutcast, basically they didn't reply to our response, so we can only assume we have no case to answer, (well, we knew that anyway).

Hope everyone is keeping well!

27th September 2020

On the 24th of September we received a Cease and Desist letter from Shoutcast accusing us of artificially enhancing our audience figures for profit. They gave use 48hrs to cease and threatened to withdraw the use of their monetization program from Moon Phase Radio. We found this a little strange as we have never participated in their Monetization Program and would therefore have no reason or possible gain from using underhand methods to enhance our audience figures. In fact, we have never received a penny from Shoutcast and do not want to subject our listeners to adverts each time they open a stream.

We made an official response to Shoutcast on the same day informing them of our non-participation in their monetization program and asking them to substantiate their claims. As of today, 27th September, we have yet to receive a reply.

12th September 2020

It's been a long time since the last entry, behind the scenes we've been busy with the new EU server. Thankfully it's now up and running smoothly so all we need now is for everyone to change their bookmarks etc. We understand it's a pain having to update everything but unfortunately we had no choice, the old server had come to the end of its operational lifespan, so we had to move. Our service provider were great and done a massive data transfer for us saving about four days work.

Anyway, we have plans for a split service trial run in the near future but that's another story.

12th June 2020

Re-Broadcasting MPR

In the past we have been informed of MPR being re-broadcast on FM frequencies within the EU. We hereby give full consent for any MPR stream to be re-broadcast on FM, MW, SW or DAB channels whether it be full time or in part, as an overnight service for example. All local laws and restrictions must be complied too, and we take no responsibility for any violations of such. We have enough server capacity to virtually guarantee a connection and no further consent is required.

For the purpose of listing the information on our website please inform us via our contact form of times, frequencies and the area of any such re-broadcast.

11th June 2020

Welcome to our new blog. With so many social media platforms removing posts or closing accounts for some strange/obscure infringement of policy we thought we would provide a means of posting where we cannot be censored. It's not as though we are controversial in our conduct but today people take offence at the strangest of things and seem hyper sensitive, for these are unusual times in which we currently live. In actual fact we prefer MPR to be a place of escapism, somewhere which remains neutral and accepting.

In over 10 years of broadcasting we have only had one complaint which concerned a sound bite within a track. The track had somehow slipped through our screening process and the complaint was justified and acted upon with the removal of the offending piece of music.

So with this blog we hope to offer some behind the scenes insight in the operations of Moon Phase Radio.

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