Moon Phase Radio

Trans-Lunar Ambience

Moon Phase Radio Galleries

Moon Phase Radio Gallery

MPR Studio 2020
  • MPR Studio 2020
  • mpr1c New Logo 2016
  • Audio Processing Room Audio Processing Desk
  • Network Control Studio Network Control Studio
  • Mind Potion Radio Moon2 Artwork by Listener Paul Brown
  • MPR Studio2019

Photo Descriptions

1st photo - Network Control Studio
- functions 24 hrs a day to distribute audio to the correct output facility.

3rd photo - Audio Processing Desk - is where new music is processed to achieve the correct bit rate and audio level suitable for broadcast.

5th photo - Artwork sent in by listener Paul Brown

Below are a few photos taken from our Observatory

Moon Phase Observatory

Neowise 20.7
  • Neowise 20.7
  • Moon Phase
  • Planet Jupiter
  • Mercury Transit
  • Jupiter showing the Red Storm
  • Saturn 2019
  • Full Moon
  • Planet Jupiter
  • Jupiter 2019
  • Planet Saturn