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From European servers this channel is musically bias towards Downtempo, Lounge, Chill, Chillstep, Lofi and Future Bass. Provided in two streams of 128 kbps mp3 and 64 kbps AAC+. It gives near CD quality audio which sounds great on the home sound system or even better through good quality, full frequency headphones.

Below and to the right are the stream ip addresses, to use a player of your choice on your PC or mobile, simply copy and paste the ip into your player.

Moon Phase Radio - Chill 128 mp3

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YaroParf - Momentum

Latest track by YaroParf entitled 'Momentum' now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Release date: May 3, 2024

Track “Momentum” is inspired by the chill rhythms of life, that allows appreciating the current moment and enjoying its complexity and simplicity simultaneously.

YaroParf is an experimental author in different genres, but basically in ambient, downtempo, lo-fi, and melodic techno. Inspired by creation in all senses, trying to experiment, combining old and new futuristic sounds.

Information and Links:

Spotify - Artist, Track

Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube


Liquigetic - Fluorescent Tree

Released today! 'Fluorescent Tree' by Liquigetic is now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Release date: Jul 12, 2024

Liquigetic is a songwriter and producer based out of Chicago whose taste for music spans through many genres. His niche in the spectrum of sound involves carefully blending electronic moments with textural landscapes to bridge the gap between emotion and music. His goal is to not only to provide a fluid audible movement to his audience, but also to induce self-reflection. His influences come from a niche group in the music industry such as Galimatias, Alina Baraz, Imagined Herbal Flows, FKJ, Joe Hertz, and 53 Thieves.

Fluorescent Tree

Gentle voicing and drones that lead right into a soothing piano putting you in a hypnotic state, up to the point where you literally snap out of it and find yourself in awe right before the drop. “Fluorescent Tree” is the audio version of finding yourself in awe of something natural, like a tree covered in color. Sit back and close your eyes if you want to find yourself at peace, but in a trance state to drone out the noise of everyday life.

Information and Links:

Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook


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