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M.P.R Charts, 15h July 2024

Ambient Channel Top 10

1. The Omega Core - Clockwork Fascinates
2. Carl Lord - Exosphere
3. Arcticology - Memory
4. Sonaura - Deleted scenes #2
5. Ryvage & Pascal Schumacher - L'aube
6. Borrtex - Floating
7. Flower of Sound - Forest's Chant at 852 Hz
8. Robert Otto - The Pause Between Moments
9. Gabriel Ruata - I Speak For Earth...
10. Copal River - Emotional Convection


Chill Channel Top 10

1. Liquigetic - Fluorescent Tree
2. Dr GO - Avalon
3. Infraction - Dance
4. Alex Productions - Dune
5. LoxBeats - Feel Like Dying
6. KaizanBlu - Eternal
7. Celestial Unicorn - No Resolve
8. Sappheiros - Seasons
9. Unwritten Stories - Shade
10. Coalescence Cascade - Sprite Lightning


YaroParf - Momentum

Latest track by YaroParf entitled 'Momentum' now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Release date: May 3, 2024

Track “Momentum” is inspired by the chill rhythms of life, that allows appreciating the current moment and enjoying its complexity and simplicity simultaneously.

YaroParf is an experimental author in different genres, but basically in ambient, downtempo, lo-fi, and melodic techno. Inspired by creation in all senses, trying to experiment, combining old and new futuristic sounds.

Information and Links:

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Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube


Liquigetic - Fluorescent Tree

Released today! 'Fluorescent Tree' by Liquigetic is now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Release date: Jul 12, 2024

Liquigetic is a songwriter and producer based out of Chicago whose taste for music spans through many genres. His niche in the spectrum of sound involves carefully blending electronic moments with textural landscapes to bridge the gap between emotion and music. His goal is to not only to provide a fluid audible movement to his audience, but also to induce self-reflection. His influences come from a niche group in the music industry such as Galimatias, Alina Baraz, Imagined Herbal Flows, FKJ, Joe Hertz, and 53 Thieves.

Fluorescent Tree

Gentle voicing and drones that lead right into a soothing piano putting you in a hypnotic state, up to the point where you literally snap out of it and find yourself in awe right before the drop. “Fluorescent Tree” is the audio version of finding yourself in awe of something natural, like a tree covered in color. Sit back and close your eyes if you want to find yourself at peace, but in a trance state to drone out the noise of everyday life.

Information and Links:

Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook


Celestial Unicorn - No Resolve

Released today! The latest track by Celestial Unicorn entitled 'No Resolve', is now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Release date: Jul 12, 2024

Celestial Unicorn Unveils "No Resolve," a Powerful step in EDM music.

Celestial Unicorn has just dropped her latest single titled "No Resolve," marking another milestone in her musical journey. Produced in collaboration with Djenty Goalie, known for his simple yet beautiful approach to music. The collaborators met on TIK TOK and knew quickly they wanted to work together on some projects - only last month releasing their first single “Atlantic”, featuring HNasty on vocals.

"No Resolve" promises to enthrall listeners with its dynamic beats and ethereal melodies. The track seamlessly blends Celestial Unicorn's unique composition prowess with Djenty Goalie's signature production style, creating a sonic experience that is both mesmerizing and exhilarating.

Information and Links:

Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok


Carl Lord - Exosphere

'Exosphere' by Carl Lord is now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Release date: Jun 28, 2024

"Exosphere", taken from the forthcoming EP 'Weightless', is a serene ambient piece that beautifully blends piano and orchestral elements. Its delicate rhythms create a light, airy atmosphere, perfect for moments of relaxation and introspection. Let the gentle melodies and subtle harmonies transport you to a tranquil soundscape, ideal for unwinding and finding peace.

For a sense of freedom and floating, 'Weightless' (released on 19th July 24) is an EP that will take you on a dreamlike journey with ambient pads and textures for a calm and relaxing sense of discovery.

Track List:

01 Exosphere (3:27)
02 Beckley Creek (4:11)
03 Euclidean Space (5:49)
04 Weightless (6:08)
05 Awakening (5:34)

Carl embarked on his musical voyage of discovery at five years of age, guided by a great uncle who was a classically trained, concert pianist. Soon after, Carl began taking piano lessons and singing in the youth choir at his local church. Throughout his adolescent and high school years, Carl took part in various talent competitions and piano recitals. As his love for music continued to grow, Carl began playing piano, organ, and keyboards in various local and regional R&B, Pop, Rock, Country, and Gospel bands during and after his graduation from college.

Carl has played on numerous albums, film scores, and commercials while performing at the prestigious Kentucky Derby Winner's Party. Sharing the stage with such well-known recording artists as Steve Warner, Reba McEntire, Louise Mandrel, and John Anderson, Carl has also recorded with Grammy award winner, the late Lynn Peterzell, whose engineering credits include Giant Records, Clint Black, and the country remake of the "Eagles Greatest Hits."

Information and Links:

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Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Website


M.P.R Charts, 8th July 2024

Ambient Channel Top 10

1. Flower of Sound - Forest's Chant at 852 Hz
2. Lee Rosevere - Waiting For the Moment That Never Come
3. Kir - Alone
4. Frequent Sync - Navigation Center
5. Jacques Y. Fafard - Ici maintenant
6. Borrtex - Parent's Love
7. Pre Polar - Nothingness
8. Gabriel Ruata - I Speak For Earth...
9. Richard Zelada - Lead the Way
10. Glen Neff - Quiet Mirror


Chill Channel Top 10

1. Coalescence Cascade - Sprite Lightning
2. Purrple Cat - Meteorites
3. Inossi - Leave Right Now
4. Justhea - Beautiful Day
5. Infraction - One
6. KaizanBlu - Melatonin
7. Nomyn & Veela - Mirrors
8. Dr GO - Avalon
9. Liqwyd - Weightless
10. Rexlambo - Fault


Ryvage - L'aube

From the new EP 'Les Nuits II' by Ryvage, the track 'L'aube' is now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Ryvage (meaning "shore") is an electronic musician from Luxembourg who blends ambient techno and synthwave in a hypnotic, multi-faceted live performance.

His latest tracks from the “Les Nuits I” EP, released in July 2023, have been remixed by artists such as Djedjotronic (Italo Moderni, Boysnoize Records), Madben and Etienne Jaumet (Zombie Zombie) and played on European radio stations such as BBC Radio 6 Music, 808 Radio and Tsugi Radio. On the live side, Ryvage has supported artists such as Rone (FR), Vitalic (FR), Throwing Snow (UK), Christian Löffler (DE) and Blanck Mass (UK), and performed at festivals like Les Aralunaires (BE), Murex (FR) and Siren's Call (LU).

His narrative and conceptual approach to music has also led him to conceive and produce music for sound installations & soundwalks (Nightsongs - 2022) as well as for radio and theatre pieces.

L’AUBE with Pascal Schumacher

Ryvage and percussionist, composer and producer Pascal Schumacher had already worked together on remixes, and this new collaboration allowed them to explore new musical horizons by establishing a dialogue between the textures of industrial field-recordings, acoustic percussion, and electronic soundscapes. L'Aube (the dawn in French) is a journey, an invitation to leave behind the noise and the nightmarish meanderings of the steel factories and their sprawling cities... 

EP 'LES NUITS II' Released on 5 July 2024

Electronic musician Ryvage has released Les Nuits II, a 4 track EP exploring the facets of the postindustrial night. Originally produced for a nocturnal interactive soundwalk project, the tracks are based on field recordings made in active and disused steelworks in southern Luxembourg.

Information and Links:

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Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube


Flower of Sound - Forests Chant at 852Hz

From the new album 'Envelop, Forest’s Chant', the track 'Forests Chant at 852Hz' by Flower of Sound is now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Release date: Jun 26, 2024

“Envelop, Forest’s Chant” is an unconventional ambient album that combines the soothing qualities of nature sounds with the benefits of Solfeggio frequencies. Recorded in ambisonics, the nature sounds provide an immersive experience, making listeners feel as if they are in the midst of a tranquil forest.”

Flower of Sound is thrilled to announce the release of the ambient album, 'Envelop, Forest’s Chant' available exclusively in Spatial Audio. This release marks the first in a series of albums dedicated to transforming environments and emotional wellbeing through crafted soundscapes.

"Envelop" invites listeners to a unique auditory experience, offering a collection of 7 tracks. Designed originally and exclusively for Flower of Sound's immersive rooms (physical spaces), the album enhances focus, calmness, inspiration, and playfulness. With a lack of ambient music produced in Spatial Audio, "Envelop" aims to fill this void by providing listeners with an auditory experience that encapsulates the essence of being surrounded and embraced by music. Envelop, Forest’s Chant is the first album in the series Envelop and will only be available on streaming platforms that support Dolby Atmos.

“Envelop, Forest’s Chant” is an unconventional ambient album that combines the soothing qualities of nature sounds with the benefits of Solfeggio frequencies. Recorded in ambisonics, the nature sounds provide an immersive experience, making listeners feel as if they are in the midst of a tranquil forest.”

The natural soundscapes are paired with Solfeggio frequencies, which are known for their calming effects and support for relaxation, focus, and meditation. The ancient frequencies create a gentle and restorative listening experience.

Why Spatial Audio?

Flower of Sound is committed to producing music that mirrors the natural way of listening. Spatial Audio allows listeners to feel at the center of the sound, making the music not only more effective and easier to listen to but also significantly more natural. "Envelop" leverages this technology to enhance the emotional impact of its soundscapes, ensuring a deeper connection and a more profound relaxation and focus.

For the functional music and ambient listener

Targeted towards the heavy user of ambient music, "Envelop, Forest’s Chant” is poised to be a functional tool into their collection. To be used to relax, focus or just recharge from a busy day. Available only on Spatial Audio format for platforms such as Apple Music, Anghami, Tidal, Vibe and Amazon Music. This album appeals to anyone with a love for ambient soundscapes, Spatial Audio nature recordings (Ambisonics) and the quality enhancement brought by Spatial Audio. Be aware in the music store your listen to a lossy preview with a lack of details in the sound compare to lossless . The Lossless format will be available from the Flower of Sound’s music store in the fall 2024.

About Flower of Sound

Flower of Sound is at the forefront of music technology, creating sonic tools designed to help to alter emotional states to foster relaxation, focus, and other desired feelings. The company has as a mission to go beyond stereo. The company's commitment to immersive content underscores its belief in music's power to envelop and transform resulting in an original and natively produced Spatial Audio catalogue.

'Envelop, Forest’s Chant' is the first album in a series of ambient soundscapes. Be Enveloped.

Track List

1. Gaia’s Nourishment at 396 Hz
2. Awakening of the Woods at 417 Hz
3. Sound of Life at 528 Hz
4. Drops of Reflection at 639 Hz
5. Breeze of Change at 741 Hz
6. Forest's Chant at 852 Hz
7. Eternal Flow at 963 Hz

Information and Links:

Soundcloud, Instagram, Apple Music


Dr. GO - Avalon

Dr. Go is back again with a track entitled 'Avalon', which is now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Released date: 7th June 2024

Dr. GO is known for his beautiful chill trance music. His compositions combine the relaxing sounds of the chillout with the hypnotic atmosphere of the trance genre. For years Dr. GO has been presenting his music in planetariums, taking listeners on a captivating journey through the starry sky. His unique soundscapes and intoxicating beats create a magical atmosphere that transports visitors into a world of dreams and fantasy.

Dr. GO's music is not only an acoustic experience, but also a visual journey that evokes the beauty of the universe and the vastness of space to life.

Information and Links:

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M.P.R Charts, 1st July 2024

Ambient Channel Top 10

1. Maven CX - Eidolon Frequencies
2. Arcticology - Exp
3. Glen Neff - Quiet Mirror
4. The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Destiny's Dance
5. EugeneKha - Saturn
6. Palancar - Illuminati
7. Richard Zelada - Night and Day
8. Pre Polar - Nothingness
9. The Omega Core - Entropy
10. Junior85 - For Reason, Forgotten


Chill Channel Top 10

1. Keith Richie - Electric Panda
2. Coalescence Cascade - Sprite Lightning
3. Spacey Panda - Finding the Oasis
4. KaizanBlu - Dusk ft Dylan O Donnell
5. Slimdog Productions - These Streets
6. Liqwyd - Breathe
7. Unwritten Stories - Shade
8. Julia Gjertsen - Undo
9. Maittre - Mystery
10. Rexlambo - Missed Call


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